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About Us

Trekki was founded on the belief that every business deserves a chance to succeed. Our team of experienced consultants has a passion for helping businesses achieve their goals, and we've been doing just that for years. Whether you're looking for project management, quality assurance, or operational know-how, Trekki has the skills and experience you need to succeed.

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Meet our experienced team.

At Trekki, we believe that success starts with the right team, and that's why we've assembled a group of experienced and passionate consultants. Our team members are dedicated to helping businesses succeed, and they have the skills and knowledge to make it happen.

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Mattias Östholm

Founder and owner


Our Clients

A list of companies and organizations that Trekki has worked with in the past.
Highlighting the benefits and results that the clients achieved by working with Trekki.
Testimonials from satisfied clients that highlight the quality of Trekki's services.

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Empower your success.

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Empowering your success.
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